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How to Transfer an EMT Certification to North Carolina

If you have just moved to North Carolina and have a current emergency medical technician (EMT) license or certification in another jurisdiction, you can receive a North Carolina EMT certification by reciprocity. Also called license by endorsement, this process allows you to hold a North Carolina license based on the fact that you hold another comparable EMT license in another state. Before the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services will issue you a certification, they must verify that you have the appropriate amount of EMT training and that your current EMT certification is valid.

Create a Credentialing Information System (CIS) profile by opening the website on your computer’s web browser and clicking “Enter.” Click “Profile” on the left side of the screen. Click “Register to Use CIS.” Enter your information into the fields provided, including your name, demographics and contact information. Click “Save” when you are finished.

Log back into the CIS website after you have created your profile. Click “Profile” again on the menu on the left side of the screen. Click “Request Legal Recognition.” Enter your certification information in the fields provided. Click “Save” when you are finished. Print the confirmation page that displays.

Mail the confirmation page, a photocopy of your current EMT certification and an official transcript from the school that you completed your EMT training to the North Carolina Office of EMS, ATTN: Education Section (Legal Recognition.) Include either a North Carolina issued ID card or a signed letter on your agency’s letterhead stating that you will be working for an NC EMS provider.

Receive your North Carolina EMT certification packet after your submissions materials have been received and reviewed.


Reciprocity applicants who have lived in the state of North Carolina for less than five years may need to complete a background check. If you are selected to complete one, you will receive a packet via certified mail with instructions on where to go to complete the background check. Your certification packet won’t arrive until after you have completed the background check packet and the results have been reviewed.


If North Carolina grants you an EMT certification by reciprocity, it will only be valid as long as the certification on which you were granted reciprocity remains valid. When your original EMT license expires, so will your North Carolina one. At that point you must renew your certification the same way all other North Carolina EMTs do.

Due to the large variations in EMT-Intermediate programs across the country, you may be required to submit additional information about your educational coursework during the reciprocity process. You will receive a notice from the EMS office if you need to submit additional materials.

It can take up to sixty days to complete the license by reciprocity process.


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