How to Write an EMT-B Certification on a Resume

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EMT-B certification is the abbreviation for EMT-Basic certification. This is the most basic certification that an EMT, or emergency medical technician, can receive. Once you have your EMT-Basic certification, you will be qualified to apply for entry-level emergency medical technicians positions, which generally involve assisting in emergency situations and arriving on the scene by ambulance. Adding your EMT-Basic certification to your resume will help show that you are qualified when applying for position in the field of emergency medicine.

Add a section to your resume called “Education and Training” or “Certifications.” This is where you will list the EMT-Basic certification.

List “EMT-Basic” certification in this section directly below the heading.

Include the organization that certified you. This is generally the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Add the year that you received your certification. Make sure this year is accurate.

Type the word “Active” in this section. The EMT-Basic certification can be either active or inactive. You want to make it clear that your certification is active, if it is, to show that you are eligible to start working as an EMT right away. The format of the entry will be based on that of your resume, but it might look something like, "EMT-Basic Certification. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. 2011. Active."