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How to Find Out When My CPR Card Expired

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Being certified in CPR is a helpful skill to have regardless of your current occupation. CPR certification classes can be taken online, at a YMCA or health club and at your local hospital. The expiration date of your CPR card will vary depending on your training. However, the American Red Cross considers any CPR certification expired after a year from the day it was given. It is simple to determine when your CPR certification card expires.

Check the expiration date on the CPR certification card. It should give you the month and year that the card is valid until.

Contact the the organization you obtained your certification from if your card doesn't have an expiration date on it. The organization should have the exact date your CPR certification card was given on record.

Mark the exact date your CPR certification was given. A year to this date, the American Red Cross will no longer observe your certification as valid.

Contact your boss if your CPR certification was required for your job. Certain jobs such as lifeguarding requires your employer to keep track of his employee's certifications, and your employer should know when your CPR certification expires.


Jobs, such as lifeguarding, where CPR certification is required will often times pay an instructor to come in and certify his employees before their cards expire.


Attempting to perform CPR with an expired license or no license at all should be avoided because it could lead to a lawsuit or criminal charges.