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How to Verify an RHIT License

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The Registered Health Information Technician certification, known as RHIT, from the American Health Information Management Association, or AHIMA, indicates that health information technicians bearing the credential have demonstrated their ability to properly code, enter and analyze patient information. RHIT technicians work in various medical locations including hospitals, physician's offices, nursing care facilities, mental health hospitals and public health organizations. They may also find careers in legal offices, pharmaceutical companies and health product manufacturing and sales. Any of these employers may require verification of RHIT status from the AHIMA to ensure the quality and training of applicants.

Use the paper copy of your certification as verification. Successful test-takers should receive an official certificate in the mail within four months of testing (See Reference 2).

Contact AHIMA’s Certification Department at (800) 335-5535 or [email protected] if you do not receive your certification in the four-month time frame.

Give potential employers wanting to verify your certification the website link to the database for newly credentialed employers. Organizations can search by name, state and date ranges for completed testing for those who passed the exam within the previous year.

Explain AHIMA's process for employers wishing to verify certification if you received certification more than one year prior. They must send a letter requesting details on company letterhead that includes the individual's full name and the AHIMA identification number, as well as the employer's fax or email information. As of 2011, employers should fax or email the letter to the AHIMA at 312-233-1500 Attn: Credential Verification or [email protected].


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