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How To Renew a Certification for CNA if Expired in Georgia

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Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) in Georgia are certified for employment through an assessment exam. Georgia CNAs must renew their certification every two years to remain active in the Georgia Nurses Aide Registry provided by the Georgia Health Partnership. In the event that a CNA allows the certification to expire, the Health Partnership will grant renewed certification to applicants who retest at an approved testing site.

Confirm the length of time your certification has been expired. This will help determine which course of action you will be required to take to gain active status with the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry. If your certification has lapsed for three or more years, you must re-train through the completion of a certified nurse aide program. If your certification expiration date is less than three years, you can re-certify by taking the CNA exam, according to the CNA Tips website.

Re-train if your certification has expired for three or more years. Training programs are commonly conducted at high schools, technical schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other long-term care facilities. To locate a CNA training program in your local county, visit the CNA Tips website. Inquire about accelerated training for people with previous certification and CNA experience.

Challenge the certification exam. According to the Georgia Health Partner's Nurse Aide policy, if your expiration date is less than three years from the current date, you are eligible to bypass re-training and take the certification exam. Complete the application for registration by competency examination. If required based on your previous expiration date, include proof of completion of your nurse aide training program. Submit your application and, once approved, take the test at an authorized test location. For a list of test locations and candidate testing information, check the Pearson Vue website.

Register for online access to the Georgia CNA Registry. When you pass the exam, your name will be submitted on your behalf to the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry. Test results are usually provided either the same day that you take the exam or shortly thereafter. Access the Georgia Health Partnership portal using your certified nurse aide identification number, your birth date and user name. This information will be included in your certifying information sent to you from the registry upon receipt of your passing test score.


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