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I'm Moving to Arizona: How Do I Transfer My CNA Certification?

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The number of active, registered Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in Arizona is 25,555 as of December 2010, according to the Arizona State Board of Nursing website. If you are moving from another state to Arizona and you have a valid CNA license in that state, you can add your name to the CNA registry by applying to have your license recognized in Arizona.

Visit the Arizona State Board of Nursing website. Click on “Licensure and Certification” at the top of the page. Click on the link to download the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam / Endorsement Application. Download the application, and print it. Complete the application.

Contact the board of nursing in the state in which you are licensed as a CNA. Find out if there are fees associated with verifying your license since you have moved to Arizona. Send the application to your state’s board of nursing or certification agency for CNAs so that the section of the application verifying your current certification section can be completed, along with any applicable fees. Do this after you have completed your application. Your state’s board of nursing will return the form to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

If you are certified in a state listed on the application in Part II, you do not have to submit your application to the certification agency. Return you application to the Arizona Board of Nursing. See the application for the list of states.

Complete and submit the fingerprint card to the Arizona Board of Nursing that you will receive after you submit your application. An investigation lasting 4 to 6 months may result if your fingerprint check brings up a positive criminal history. Fingerprint results can take three weeks to be received from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Provide proof of completing a 120-hour CNA training course approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing, or of completing a 75-hour CNA training course approved by your state as well as proof of working as a CNA for 45 hours. You can also provide “Proof of graduation from an approved RN or LPN program or holds a valid RN/LPN license or meets educational requirements for RN/LPN licensure in Arizona,” according to the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam / Endorsement Application.

Provide proof of U.S. citizenship or U.S. national status with your application. A list of appropriate documents to use as proof can be found in the application packet.

Pay the $50 certification endorsement fee to the Arizona Board of Nursing. Make the check or money order payable to the Arizona Board of Nursing. The fee is non-refundable. Send your application (if you did not send it off to have your license verified) and supporting documents to the Arizona Board of Nursing at the address on the application.


You must also be active on the CNA registry in the other state and currently work as a CNA, have worked as a CNA for at least 160 hours in the past 24 months, or have finished a CNA training course and passed the exam in the past 24 months to be eligible to apply for a CNA license in Arizona by endorsement.

Use black ink when filling out the application.


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