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How to Check Your CNA License for the Expiration Date

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Being a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA) is a demanding profession. However, you cannot work as a nurse’s assistant in many states without your certification. So, keeping your license valid and active is a smart thing to do, even if you are not currently working in the field. If you are unsure whether your license is active, or if you have misplaced your license, following a few easy steps will help you check your certification status.

Pearson Vue website

Go to the Pearson Vue website and click the link “Search Nurse Aide Registry.”

Select your state from the drop down list and click “go.” (See Resources.) However, every state does not use Pearson VUE for nursing regulation.

Click the link “Search the Nurse Aide Registry.”

Search the database by name or registration number. Also, in the registration number form, you can search by social security number. It does not matter which form you fill out; however, you must be able to provide the mandatory information indicated by the (*).

Review the list provided. This is a list of all the records that match the information you provided. Once you find your information, click your certification number. This link will provide you with all the information relating to your CNA license. You may want to print this page to have for your records.

States' Licensures Departments

Do a web search by entering your state’s name as a keyword, along with the phrase “Nurse Aide Registry” in to your favorite search engine. For example, if you were licensed in the state of South Carolina you would search “South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry.”

Look for webpages that include your state and the phrase “nurse aide registry.” Also, keep in mind that nursing registrations are government regulated, so the site for your state’s nurse aide registry will available on a government site. Government web addresses end in “.gov.”

Look for links such as “search nurse aide registry.” Go to the site’s search form and type in “nurse aide registry.” Follow any directions given on the site required for accessing your certification information. Once you have located your certification information, print it out for your records.


Check the Pearson Vue site or the licensure site for your state to determine the guidelines for renewing your certification. If you are a working CNA, check with your employer before you renew your CNA license. Many medical facilities automatically renew the certification of their employees. However, if you are not employed, be mindful that in order to renew your CNA license, you must have worked for pay under a RN or LPN within the past 24 months. Also, if your license has expired or you have not worked as a CNA within the past 24 months, many states will require that you complete a CNA refresher course and retake your CNA certification exam.

If you cannot find the appropriate site for your CNA licensure, contact your state’s Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation for help in determining your certification status.