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How to Transfer CNA Licenses to Georgia

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Moving to another state entails more than moving vans if you are a certified nurse assistant (CNA) planning to continue working in your chosen career. If Georgia is your destination, the transfer process is relatively painless because the state maintains a reciprocity agreement with other states' nurse aide registries. For a smooth transition, verify that you meet the minimum requirements, download an application, provide basic information, verify employment history and mail your application.

Meet Minimum Requirements

Verify that you meet the minimum requirements to have your CNA license transferred to Georgia. The four requirements include a valid Social Security number, no pending or recorded cases of patient abuse, neglect or misappropriation, employment as a CNA for at least 8 hours in the past 24 months of your transfer application and a listing on another state's nurse aide registry.

Download An Application

Download the Application for Nurse Aide Registry Listing by Reciprocity form from the Georgia Department of Community Health website's Nurse Aide section.

Provide Basic Information

Complete Section A of the application. In addition to providing basic personal information such as, your name, date of birth, address and phone numbers, you will need to attach copies of your Social Security card, government-issued identification and proof of your current state CNA certification.

Verify Employment History

Ask your supervisor to complete Section B of the application to verify your supervised nursing employment history for the past 24 months. If your work history involved private duty, the form will need to be notarized. Further, this section requires proof of paid employment with either a copy of a paycheck stub or your W-2 tax form.

Mail Application

Mail your completed application with supporting documents to:

Georgia Medical Care Foundation Attn: Nurse Aide Registry P.O. Box 105753 Atlanta, GA 30348

Wait at least 14 business days for your status to be updated. A certification card will be mailed to you if you submitted a Georgia address on your application. In addition, check the Georgia Department of Health Website's nurse aide registry to find your listing.


If you submit your application using a non-Georgia address, you will need to contact the Georgia Department of Health when you obtain a Georgia address to complete your verification process.


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