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How to Get CNA License Transferred From Washington to Oregon

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A certified nursing assistant is licensed by the state to perform ancillary patient care within a specific scope of practice. Although licensure requirements vary by state, CNAs must complete at least 75 hours of training and pass an exam before they can work in the field. A CNA license can be transferred from one state to another. Follow several steps to transfer your CNA license from Washington to Oregon.

Print out the Oregon State Board of Nursing, or OSBN, CNA 1 Endorsement Form and gather the required documents that need to be submitted with your application. Fill out the top of the Verification of Current CNA Certification form and send it with a check or money order for $60 to the Washington State Board of Nursing.

Contact your employer to obtain documentation of 200 hours of employment as a CNA or proof of newly licensed employment under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Use the Nursing Assistant Work History form for this documentation.

Print out the fingerprinting and criminal background paperwork from the OSBN website and fill in the information. Mail this document with a check or money order for $52, written to the OSBN. Place this in a separate sealed envelope and send it along with the completed work form, CNA 1 Endorsement form and a copy of your CNA training certificate to the OSBN. Complete this process as soon as possible — it can take several weeks to process.


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