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How to Transfer a CNA License to Washington

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To transfer your current CNA license from another state to Washington state, you must complete an application to request the endorsement of your license in Washington . The successful completion of this process will enable you to work as a CNA in Washington. Without the endorsement, you cannot work as a CNA in Washington, regardless of having a current license elsewhere.

Download and print a Nursing Assistant Certified/Endorsement Application Packet, available from the Washington State Department of Health website. This is a 19-page-long application. Read its instructions thoroughly to ensure your application is complete before you submit it.

Fill out the application, which includes personal and demographic information, as well as information related to your CNA working history. You do not have to complete the section where the program director of your training fills out information about your certification.

Include a fee of $48 (check or money order made payable to the Department of Health), which was current as of December 2010. Check the box for "Certified Nursing Assistant by Interstate Endorsement" on the application. Complete all applicable sections of the application, marking N/A or drawing a line through non-applicable sections instead of leaving them blank. Include supporting documentation if you answer “Yes” to any of the questions in the personal data section of the application.

Complete the top part of the Out of State Verification form for your home state to verify your current CNA license. Send it to your home state’s nurse aide registry, which will complete it and send it to Washington State.

Send your completed application and fee to the Department of Health; P.O. Box 1099; Olympia, Washington 98507-1099.


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