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Job Description of a Business Development Coordinator

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As with any department of an organization, the professionals who perform the business development for a company require the assistance of talented administrative professionals to successfully accomplish their tasks. Business development coordinators are entry-level support professionals, who perform all ancillary duties required for the group to be successful.

Business Development

Business development is the act of attracting new customers toward a commercial establishment, for the purpose of making sales to increase revenue. Business development can take many forms, including telesales (cold calling prospective customers on the telephone), walk-in sales (such as in retail) and business networking.

Business Development Coordination

A business development coordinator supports a company’s business development team by performing all administrative tasks needed to facilitate the closing of sales deals. This may include drafting of correspondence, coordinating and scheduling meetings, and completing all paper necessary to facilitate business. Additionally, coordinators are often responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients and potential business partners in an effort to promote a climate that facilitates future sales for the organization.

A Day in the Life

Though business development managers may work in the field, visiting clients outside of the office, business development coordinators typically work in-house. Sitting at a desk, these professionals use various pieces of office equipment throughout their work day, including computers, telephones, fax machines and copy machines. Depending on the industry in which they work, coordinators may work long hours, such as in real estate, where sales happen at all hours any day of the week.

Career Progression

Becoming a business development coordinator is a great way for someone who is new to the workforce to enter the sales field. To be a successful salesperson, an individual must be self-motivated, tenacious and possess the ability to successfully navigate through a sometimes ambiguous environment. A role as a coordinator allows entry-level professionals the ability to experience this within the pressure of being responsible for making sales. Those who excel within coordinator positions are often promoted to become business development specialists.

Getting the Job

While candidates with a college degree may be preferred by clients, this is often not required. More important is that an applicant be driven, organized and a good communicator. Those in this field, according to, earn an annual salary of $60,000. It is not uncommon for these professionals to receive bonuses from their managers when department sales goals have been met or exceeded.

Sales and Related Occupations salary

  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $67,510 ($32.46/hour)
  • Median Annual Salary: $40,990 ($19.71/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $26,880 ($12.92/hour)

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