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How to Write a Winning Retail Resume

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In the past you may have only needed to show up at a retail store with a completed application. It's very common now to apply for a retail position by submitting a resume. When working on your resume, use easily searchable keywords when applying online, such as retail associate or manager. You should also make sure your resume is written in a clear, concise, confident manner. Avoid overuse of items like buzzwords and slang. You should also write your resume in a formal tone and note if you have any interest in the store's inventory and brands.

Skill Set

Your retail resume should emphasize the skills you can bring to the store. Intangible skills such as listening and communication are important when dealing with customers. It's difficult to make a sale when you don't listen to what the customer is telling you about what he wants. Retail sales associates should also have strong organizational skills. Having a strict sense of teamwork and leadership lets the manager know you put the success of your team and the store above your personal quotas and goals.

Talk About Numbers

When you reference your sales experience on your retail resume, note the size of the store you worked at, the amount of staff at the location and how well you met your sales quotas. Note any great sales goals that you met or exceeded in quantifiable terms, such as being on the team that brought in $5,000 in sales in a single day for a boutique store, or that you earned $2,000 in sales in the same period. These figures give the manager a tangible measure of your skills as a salesperson and what you can bring to the store to help meet sales goals.

Work Experience

List your previous work experience chronologically, starting with the most recent position. Account for any significant periods of unemployment, such as taking time away from work for school. When listing your employment history and the duties related to each job, make sure you emphasize any employment or work experience related to retail sales. You should also list the company name, location, position held and the time that you worked for the company. This is where you incorporate the practical numerical information from the previous section. Note any instances where you went above your job duties and exceeded your manager's expectations or achieved quantifiable accomplishments on the job.

Educational Background

When completing a winning retail resume it is good to list your education credits, even if you haven't attended college. List your high school, college and vocational school education, whether you've completed your education or not. Make sure to include any professional training you've received, including on-the-job training. You can also note any specialized seminars you may have attended or certifications you have received that enhanced your abilities in retail sales.