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How to Put in a Transfer to Another Walmart Store

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Employees sometimes find it necessary to relocate, even if they like their jobs. Fortunately, many corporations, including Wal-Mart, are flexible with employee requests because they recognize the benefits from retaining trained employees. Knowing the company's procedures increases the odds of your transfer request being approved.

Know what store to you wish to transfer. Asking a manager to send you "anywhere" does not communicate legitimate need, implying job dissatisfaction instead. Be as specific as possible, pinpointing the specific store or stores where you would like to work.

Type a one-page letter explaining why you desire a transfer, what skills you have demonstrated as a Walmart employee, the contributions you have made to your Walmart team and any special recognition you received during your time as an employee. If there are records that help quantify your contribution, such as human resources documentation that you have never been late, include the information in your request. Avoid personal overexposure in your explanation – such as "I am leaving my spouse" – and keep the letter professional.

Schedule a time to talk to the store manager. Present her or him with your transfer request letter and explain what you like about working for the company and why you need to relocate. Ask how long you should anticipate waiting for a decision, and whether there is any additional information the store manager requires from you.

Follow up on your meeting with the store manager, based on the timeline discussed in the original meeting.The manager will send your transfer request to the store or stores to which you asked to move. Depending on their staffing needs, they will communicate an acceptance of a transfer. Keep in mind that, sometimes, the store to which you wish to transfer pays less than your current rate of pay, so take salary changes into account during your decision-making process.

Thank your store manager for facilitating the transfer process once you are at your new location by sending a postcard or thank-you note.


Keep relocation possibilities to yourself until the transfer request has been approved.


Always be discreet but truthful in your reasons for needing a transfer.


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