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What Requirements Are Needed to Get a Job at Walmart?

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Since Walmart raised its pay well above minimum wage, jobs at the giant retailer are more desirable than in the past. Because of this, competition for these jobs is expected to increase as well. By following a specific process and working carefully, you can meet the requirements to get a job at the nation's largest retailer.

Skills and Abilities

For employment at Walmart at any level, you should have good people skills, and be able to work with a wide variety of different customers and employees that you will encounter during a career at Walmart. Basic employment skills are also important, such as being able to arrive at work on time and having reliable transportation. At more advanced levels, such as store management or training programs, some college education as well as other retail experience are a plus.

Complete an Application

While you can complete a Walmart Application online, you can also go to your local store and complete an application at the in-store kiosk. Most stores do not have paper applications available, but may have occasional job fairs or on-the-spot interviews. Fill out the application completely and accurately, detailing all of your previous work experience and education. While you should never lie or exaggerate, do present yourself in the best possible way. If you have a resume, attach a digital copy to your job application. Alert any of your references that you have applied for a job at Walmart, and that they may be contacted to provide a reference.


If the hiring manager believes that you fit the store's needs based on your application, you will be contacted for an interview. Prepare for the interview by dressing cleanly and professionally. Have a copy of the application or your resume to refer to if needed. Bring a pen with you. Plan to arrive early to be certain that you are on time.

While at the interview, use professional language, and avoid slang. Don't talk negatively about previous employers. Be prepared to show how you will add value to the Walmart store you are applying to work in. Maintain good eye contact with your interviewer. Answer all questions accurately, and present yourself in a positive way. Have some questions ready to ask the interviewer, as this shows you are interested in the job. If you are applying for a specific department, such as the deli, you may need to meet with the deli manager as well.

Follow Up

The day after you complete the interview, mail a thank-you card to all of the people that you interviewed with, thanking them for taking the time to speak with you. If the manager gave you a specific time frame for following up, make sure that you do so. If he did not give you a time frame, follow up a week later to see if the manager has a decision. This will show that you are still interested.


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