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How to get a job interview at Walmart

From car technologists to night stockers, there are many options for employment within a Walmart store. Getting an interview at Walmart can prove difficult because of the large number of applicants the stores receive on a regular basis. In some areas, such as Athens, Texas, Walmart is one of the largest employers in the area and you can expect a long wait for an interview. Besides meeting the requirements for employment there are some steps you can take to increase your likelihood of receiving an interview.

Submit a complete application. Do not leave information about past employers or education blank. The more information the human resources department has, the better the managers can decide whether you qualify for an interview.

Apply for multiple Walmart positions and, if there are multiple stores in your area, apply for multiple stores. The more positions you apply for, the higher your chance of receiving an interview for at least one.

Go to the Walmart you applied at and ask to speak with the manager. Introduce yourself to the manager and ask to learn more about the position. The manager may allow you to speak with the department head who oversees the available position. Doing this allows management to get an idea of who you are and will help them remember your name when sorting through applications.

Call weekly to inquire about the position and the status of your application. The regular contact will show that you are still interested in the position and will ensure you know when the interview process begins.

Immediately return any calls from the Walmart store. Waiting even a day can signal to the hiring department that you are no longer interested and the managers may fill all the available interview slots without leaving room for you.


Be prepared to complete a drug test on the day of your interview if you are selected for the position.


Never lie on your application because Walmart does complete background checks and you will get caught.