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The Average Starbucks Assistant Manager Salary

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Being an assistant manager at a Starbucks is a way to start a career at a top company. Most assistant managers work their way up through the ranks as a "partner," as all Starbucks employees are called, and can join management eventually if they show promise and a willingness to learn. As of 2006, Starbucks was named one of Fortune Magazines top 100 companies to work for and claims only a 14 percent voluntary turnover rate.


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An assistant manager for a Starbucks store helps the store manager maintain the integrity and leadership of the store. The assistant manager communicates with store staff and customers, helps improve and maintain employee morale and performance, models the culture of Starbucks and has a calm manner that is undeterred during times of stress, such as when the store is busy. In addition, the assistant store manager helps achieve inventory and sales goals and does what is necessary to keep the store operating in an efficient manner.


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An assistant store manager at Starbucks typically has at least two years of retail experience with increasing responsibility, a year of customer service experience in a retail store or restaurant and experience training and supervising others. Other characteristics of those hired for a Starbucks assistant manager position include strong interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, team-building skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment while providing excellent customer service, according to the Starbucks Corporate website.

Employment Rate

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Job opportunities as an assistant Starbucks store manager increase as fast as average. Because there is generally a high turnover rate in retail and restaurant positions, the opportunity to become an assistant manager at a Starbucks is high. When other assistant managers are promoted or move on to other positions, assistant managers are needed.


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On average, assistant managers, managers and first-line supervisors in retail environments make between $12 and $17 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average assistant manager at Starbucks makes approximately $33,500. Starbucks also offers cash bonuses, and pay is adjusted according to a region's cost of living.


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