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How to Become a Manager of Walgreens

If you are interested in managing a Walgreens store, you do not need to have a college degree or prior management experience. However, the experience and college degree can help you progress to a management position with Walgreens more quickly. The length of time it will take you to become a manager of Walgreens varies and depends on your training and experience, and the growth of Walgreens stores in your market.

Work at a local retail store to gain retail experience if you do not have any. Any type of retail experience will assist you in getting hired at Walgreens. Typically retail duties include stocking inventory, running a cash register and assisting customers.

Visit a local Walgreens store to apply for an assistant manger position or apply online via the Walgreens website. If you do not have extensive retail experience, you can apply for an hourly clerk position instead. Walgreens promotes all managers from within the company, which means the assistant manager position is the highest position you can be hired in at. If there are no openings at the store or the area where you applied, you will not get an interview call and may have to look in another location.

Perform your job duties at Walgreens to the best of your ability, whether you were hired in as a clerk or an assistant manager. This includes working when scheduled, being on time, solving customer problems, being a team player and exhibiting a positive attitude. At Walgreens, promotions are based on performance and not seniority. The better you do your job, the more quickly you will be promoted to a manager position. You can be promoted to a manager position only if there are openings in your region.


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