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How Much Does Foot Locker Pay?

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Chances are, you have spent time in a Foot Locker or Foot Locker Inc.-owned store at some point in your life, whether you were camped out in a mile-long line trying to score the latest pair of Jordan’s, upping your running shoe game or starting off the school year with a fresh pair of kicks. But beyond its impressive standing as a popular shoe retailer, Foot Locker is also an excellent place to work. The store’s wide reach and a large number of locations make it possible to work at a Foot Locker no matter where you live. There are many opportunities for career growth and leadership from the inventory closet all the way to the C-suite.

The History of Foot Locker

Originally part of The F.W. Woolworth Company’s “five-and-dime” stores, which first opened in 1879, Foot Locker holds the distinction of being one of only a handful of companies to have been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange for 100 years. In 1963, The F. W. Woolworth Company acquired the Kinney Shoe Corporation, and the first standalone Foot Locker store opened for business on Sept. 12, 1974. In 1982, Foot Locker’s women’s counterpart Lady Foot Locker joined the roster. By the late 80s, the two stores were selling one-fifth of all name-brand athletic footwear in the United States. The company and its sub-companies were officially rebranded under the umbrella name Foot Locker Inc. in 2001.

In the nearly four-and-a-half decades since its founding, Foot Locker has become one of the most popular shoe retailers in the country and in the world. Foot Locker employs more than 50,000 people and made Forbes’ list for “Top Employers for Diversity” ranked No. 102 and “America’s Top Public Companies” ranked No. 388. Foot Locker has more than 1,800 stores worldwide in more than 23 countries including the U.S., Belgium, France and Istanbul. The store is based out of New York City and has subsidiaries including Kids Foot Locker, East Bay, Runners Point and Champs Sports. With all its branches, Foot Locker has well over 3,000 global locations.

How Much Does Foot Locker Pay?

Reported salaries from Glassdoor for Foot Locker can start at $7.94 an hour for positions including cashier, part-time sales associate and sales lead. Associates and assistant managers make between $8.50 and close to $10 an hour. On the higher end, technical and managerial positions can bring in anywhere from $38,745 to upward of $87,000 annually. C-suite level employees can bring in six figures. Glassdoor reported the salary for vice president of human resources as between $209,000 and $226,000. Foot Locker also provides training, educational and career advancement opportunities for employees and awards scholarships to employees who excel in their careers and in their communities.

How to Apply for a Job at Foot Locker

The most straightforward way to apply for a job at Foot Locker is through their website Foot Locker lists open positions that interested candidates can submit directly through the website. Applicants can also connect their LinkedIn accounts to be matched to suitable positions and apply for Foot Locker’s talent network. After uploading a resume online and choosing career interests, prospective employees will receive regular email updates with relevant opportunities.


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