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How to Get a Job at Starbucks

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The first Starbucks location opened in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Since then, the coffee company has grown into one of the world's most recognizable brands. As of 2014, Starbucks boasts more than 21,000 stores in over 65 countries. The company's rapid growth means it is always on the lookout for new employees, which it refers to as "partners." Each Starbucks location is responsible for hiring and managing its own staff. Typical retail positions include baristas, supervisors, managers and regional directors. To work behind the scenes at Starbucks, apply for a corporate position, which the company refers to as "support roles," or view opportunities in manufacturing or distribution.

Basic Retail Qualifications

You must be at least 16 years old to work at a Starbucks retail location, except in Montana, where the minimum age is 14 years old. For an entry-level barista position, no previous work experience is needed. Management and supervisor positions usually require at least one year of previous experience in a retail or restaurant environment, prior management experience, along with a high school diploma or college degree. All applicants should be aware of the physical requirements of a behind-the-counter job -- including continual standing, walking, bending, turning and reaching. Exceptional customer service skills are a must.

Get to Know the Brand

Starbucks recommends applicants research and get to know the brand before applying for employment. Visit a Starbucks location, have a cup of coffee, take in the atmosphere, and speak with a Starbucks employee regarding what he likes about the job. Visit the corporate website to read recent news articles and familiarize yourself with the brand and company history. Also, research Starbucks competitors to learn more about how it differs from others in the coffee retail industry. You don't have to be a coffee drinker to work at Starbucks, but the company expects you to be familiar with its culture, products and operating philosophy.

Tailor Your Resume

Customize your resume, including the career objective and skills sections, to the specific Starbucks position you are applying for. List skills directly pertinent to the job, such as customer service experience, problem solving skills, being a team player and the ability to manage in a fast-paced environment. Include your educational information and most relevant work experience. For instance, an assistant store manager position at Starbucks might require you to have either experience in a customer service role, a bachelor's degree in business or hospitality management, or four or more years of U.S. military service. Applications for barista and shift supervisor positions are kept on file for 60 days, while applications for all other positions are kept for 12 months.

Corporate Positions

Corporate jobs at Starbucks include research and development, marketing, finance, sales, digital ventures and store development and design. Corporate positions typically require several years of specific experience as well as a college degree. For instance, a senior store designer position typically requires seven to10 years of retail, hospitality or restaurant design experience as well as a bachelor's degree and a demonstrated knowledge of industry trends and principles. R&D managers at Starbucks are expected to have more than 10 years of product development and management experience in the food and beverage industry.


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