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How to Get Hired and Get a Job at a Harris Teeter Grocery Store

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The Harris Teeter grocery chain actually began as two separate business ventures: W.T. Harris's grocery in Charlotte, N.C., and the Teeter brothers' grocery in nearby Mooresville. The two merged in 1958 and within three years had 25 locations. As of 2014, Harris Teeter is a subsidiary of Kroger Co. and has more than 220 stores spanning eight states. With so many locations, job openings are regularly available. You can apply for these jobs either by applying for them online or by attending a hiring event. Check the Harris Teeter website for updates on hiring events in your area.

Use the Right Keywords

When you find a position you're interested in, fill out the online application and submit your resume. Because employers receive such a large volume of applications online, it is important to make yours stands out. In an article for Forbes, Susan Adams recommends taking keywords from the job description and incorporating them into your application. For instance, if Harris Teeter is looking for a dairy manager who's able to work flexible hours and who can lift up to 45 pounds, make sure you mention that you are open to working evenings and weekends, and are physically capable of lifting heavy objects.

Sell Your Experience

Harris Teeter looks for candidates with previous experience but also offers a training program to those who have none. If you have experience in supermarkets or retail, stress it on your application. State something like, "I've worked five years in the grocery industry and have first-hand experience with operating a cash register, stocking shelves and rotating inventory." If you don't have experience, stress your willingness to learn: "I'm willing to undergo training to learn all aspects of the dairy department." It also doesn't hurt to visit the store you want to work for and introduce yourself to the manager. Let him know you've applied and are eager to work. You stand a better chance of getting the job if he recognizes your name when he looks over the applications.


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