How to Interview for a Warehouse Job

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How to Interview for a Warehouse Job. You found out about a great job opportunity in a warehouse. You mailed the employer your resume, and you got the call inviting you for an interview. Now what? Preparation! How well you prepare for an interview is the key to success. For warehouse jobs, your preparation must include learning about warehouse operations and practicing your articulation of how you are the best candidate for the job.

Choose what you will wear to the interview. For warehouse job interviews, chances are the person interviewing you will be wearing business casual. Pick interviewing attire that is one step above this. For men, nice pants, a button down shirt and a sport coat are acceptable. For women, nice pants and a blouse are suitable.

Gather supporting documents. Put together a portfolio that consists of multiple copies of your resume, copies of relevant licenses and certificates such as a forklift license, a list of references and letters of recommendation. Take these with you to the interview.

Become familiar with the warehouse job you are seeking. Review the job description if you have one. Call the company and ask for one if you don't. Research the company by checking out its website. Practice talking about how your skills, experience and education match the qualifications required for the job.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the company and the job. Good questions to ask in a warehouse interview are whether or not the company expects to expand its warehouse operations and what a typical day is like for a worker in this warehouse.

Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin. Be pleasant to everyone you meet.

Answer interviewing questions with the understanding that the interviewer's goal is to learn 2 things from you: do you have the right "hard skills" to do the job and the right "soft skills" to be a good fit. Examples of hard skills relevant for warehouse jobs include the ability to lift heavy objects and experience operating tow motors. Soft skills are detail-orientation and whether you are a team player and problem-solver. Any question an interviewer asks is intended to gauge these kinds of skills.

End the interview by expressing your thanks for the interviewer's time. Reiterate your interest in the job and how you believe you are a great fit. Arrange a time to call the interviewer to follow up at a time convenient for the interviewer.


Shake hands with the interviewer using a similar grip as the interviewer. Questions commonly asked at a warehouse job interview include how to lift a box safely, what experience you have with barcoding and handling hazardous materials, and what is the proper way to move boxes on a pallet. Smile and be positive during your interview.


Don't wear perfume or cologne to the interview, and don't smoke before the interview. Never say anything negative about former co-workers or managers.

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