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Winn-Dixie Cashier Job Description

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Winn-Dixie is a grocery company based in Jacksonville, Fla., with stores in five southeastern states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The company's corporate beginnings go back to 1913. With decades of service in its history, Winn-Dixie seeks employees who can help continue that longstanding tradition. The company values teamwork, leadership and trust among its employees.


To be a Winn-Dixie cashier, candidates do not need any retail experience. Knowledge of basic math and a positive attitude are helpful in becoming an excellent customer service representative.


Responsibilities of a cashier include ringing customers’ purchases on a cash register, taking payment and giving change. A cashier also bags purchases and performs closing procedures by balancing out their cash registers at the end of their shifts.


Winn-Dixie offers training programs for interested employees who want to advance within the company. The organization also offers professional development, tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs.


Winn-Dixie's employee benefits including (but are not limited to) paid vacations and holidays and employee assistance.


Salary can vary depending on an individual’s experience as a cashier, but the average salary for a cashier at Winn-Dixie is $7.06 an hour.


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