Job Description for a Coffee Shop Cashier

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Coffee shop cashiers take orders for customers and ring up the total purchase amount in addition to collecting payment for purchases. Cashiers may also verbally relay orders to other employees.

Education Needed

Employers may require coffee shop cashiers to have graduated from high school, but employees do not need any additional formal education to perform this job.

Skills Needed

Coffee shop cashiers must learn how to operate an electronic cash register and have basic math skills that allow them to give correct change to customers who pay cash for a purchase.

Additional Duties

Coffee shops may also require a cashier to clean tables and count cash drawers before ending her shift.

Working Conditions

A coffee shop cashier may work part-time or full-time and normally spends the majority of his work shift on his feet behind a cash register.

Hourly Wage

As of July 2010, cashiers working in the coffee industry reported average hourly wages of $8.12, according to a survey conducted by