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How Much Does Barnes And Noble Pay

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Book Lovers Enjoy Employee Perks, Job Satisfaction

If being surrounded by books and readers sounds like your dream work environment, a job at your local Barnes & Noble could be right for you. Starting hourly pay ranges from $9.00 to 16.87, while salaried positions are vary widely, from $25,931 to $52,778. Opportunities for flexible hours, good benefits and generous employee discounts make Barnes & Noble a family-friendly career option.

What Is Barnes & Noble?

Barnes & Noble is the world’s largest bookseller, with more than 600 stores in the U.S. and a leading e-commerce website. Corporate and distribution centers are located in New York, New Jersey and Nevada, where some positions may be available. Most of Barnes & Noble’s employees work in the retail environment; you will find stores in all 50 states.

Barnes & Noble sells books, gift items, educational products, music and DVDs, and digital content. Its popular Nook is an electronic device that allows users to read books, magazines and newspapers, all delivered digitally. The Nook app turns any device, including your tablet or smartphone, into an electronic reader.

Popular Jobs at Barnes & Noble Stores

  • Barista: Prepare and serve beverages, including specialty coffees and teas, and food items. Hourly wages average $8.00 to $13.00.
  • Bookseller: Assist customers on the sales floor. Use a computer to locate items in the store or place online orders on customers’ behalf. Hourly wages average $9.10 to $13.80.
  • Head Cashier: Provide courteous, efficient customer service. 

Employment Pros and Cons

Barnes & Noble provides many opportunities for part-time employment, allowing workers to have some flexibility in accommodating their schedules to family life. Only full-time employees receive benefits such as health insurance and 401K contributions, but all employees enjoy generous discounts on non-sale items in the store: 50 percent off food and beverages, 30 percent off books, and 20 percent off music and DVDs.

Twice a year, employees enjoy a bonus discount of 40 percent off books and 30 percent off music and DVDs. Some employees may receive advance copies of books to review.

Current and former employees say that Barnes & Noble is generally a fun place to work. However, it is not immune to the stresses typically experienced in any retail environment, which can include the occasional dissatisfied customer and crowds at peak shopping periods. Depending on location, it can be difficult to schedule enough work hours. Employees report little opportunity for advancement.

Selling Used Books at Barnes & Noble

Policies vary from store to store, so check with your local retailer before bringing in any gently used items to sell. Acceptance of books is at the sole discretion of Barnes & Noble. Instead of cash, you will receive a store credit.

If you want to sell your books for cash, go to Barnes & Noble online and type in the ISBN of each item you want to sell. The ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a unique 10- or 13-digit number, depending on publication date, that identifies a book. It is accompanied by a barcode and located on either the back of the dust jacket or on the copyright page__. Use the ISBN number to find a quote from Barnes & Noble with the price you’ll receive.

You must have at least $10 worth of books to sell, but the company will ship them free and send you a check. Be advised that not all titles are eligible. You are not limited to textbooks, however, and the book does not have to be originally purchased through Barnes & Noble.


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