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How to Use Your Employee Discount at Victoria's Secret

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Victoria's Secret is a popular women's underwear store owned by Limited Brands that sells unique and high-end undergarments. If you become employed by Victoria's Secret you will be able to enjoy a 30 percent employee discount on the products in the store as well as products sold at Limited Brands other stores: Bath and Body Works, C.O Bigelow, The White Barn Candle Company, Henri Bendel and La Senza. If you've never used your employee discount before, using it is exceptionally easy to do.

Select the items you would like to purchase and from any of the Limited Brands stores and approach the cash register.

Tell the associate behind the counter your name and that you are an employee of Victoria's Secret.

Give the associate your employee ID card, or tell them your employee ID number so that the associate can look you up in the system. If an associate does not know you, you may also be asked to furnish a photo ID in order to confirm you are in fact the employee that you say you are and not someone who is just "borrowing" an employees ID card to get the discount.

Pay for your purchases.


Never give loan your employee ID card to a friend in order to give them your discount. Misusing your discount for friends or for purchases that you plan to then sell for profit can cause you to lose your discount privilege, or in some cases even your job.