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How to Internally Apply for a Job at Lowe's

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Lowe's is the second-largest home-improvement and hardware chain in the country, with over 160,000 employees, so it offers employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields. As a current employee, it is perfectly acceptable to try to transfer from your current position to one that more closely matches your skills and interests, or provides greater responsibility and pay. The process of finding and applying for a position internally is similar to applying for a job as a non-employee. However, in order for the system to process your application properly, you will need to go through the internal employee portal rather than the public career portal.

Log in to the Lowe's Employee Portal at the website at

Click on the "My Lowe's Life" tab.

Click on "Lowe's Career Opportunities" in the HR Quick Links sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Click on "Search Openings."

Under "Location #," select the four-digit number for your store and click "Search." If you are searching for a position at another store, enter the city or zip code into the proximity search at the bottom of the page.

Check the box next to one or more jobs you wish to apply for and click "Apply to job(s)."

Answer the questions provided on the next several pages.


Applying to an internal position using this method will automatically attach the resume you used to apply for your last position. If your resume needs to be updated, do so using the "Lowe's Career Opportunities" portal before proceeding to Step 4.

When applying to an internal position, you should always speak to your human resources manager first. He can tell you more about the position and recommend any additional steps or training you can take to increase your suitability for the position.

If possible, you should also speak to an employee who holds a similar position to the one you are applying for. She can give you a ground-level view of what you can expect from the position and what strengths and skills will carry the most weight in the interview process.


If you are searching for an internal position at Lowe's using an in-store terminal, try to do it on a scheduled break, off the clock or with your supervisor's express permission. Job hunting is not an excuse for you to neglect your existing duties and may cause trouble with your supervisor.

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