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How to Get My W2 From Walmart

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Like other employers, Walmart is legally required to mail employees their W-2 forms. If you haven't received yours or misplaced it, you can obtain another online. Walmart's website for employees, WalmartOne, provides information on how to retrieve and download your W-2 forms.

Retrieving Your W-2 Online

You'll need to sign into the WalmartOne website using your associate login. If you don't have an associate login, you'll need to register using your Walmart Identification Number, date of birth, hiring date and email address. Once you're logged in, you can go to "My Money," which lists your pay, financial benefits and tax information. The option "find my W-2" will appear in the W-2 Management section. From there, you can view, download and print your W-2s. If you need a W-2 that isn't listed in the W-2 Management section of your WalmartOne account, you'll need to contact the human resources or payroll department.