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How to Apply for a Job at Barnes & Noble

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Barnes and Noble offers a variety of positions to those who want to work for the book giant. Positions aren’t just available at stores; you’ll find a variety of jobs at the company’s corporate offices in New York, New Jersey and Nevada. Whether you want to be a sales associate or work in corporate, the job search process starts with completing an application on the company’s website.

Apply Now

Prepare or find all of the information to complete the application before you visit the Barnes and Noble website. In addition to your address, telephone number, work and educational history, you must provide a resume and references. A cover letter is optional. If you have a certification or license, provide the name of the issuing body and the year that the license or certification was issued.

Make the Most of Your Application

Submit as complete an application as possible when you apply for a position. You might increase your chances of employment if you provide more than the minimum required. For example, although a cover letter is optional, writing a letter that discusses your previous experience working with customers and using a cash register might increase your chances of getting a job in a store. Although the company requires only one reference, provide two to three references for extra measure.

Store Positions

If you plan to work at a Barnes and Noble store, you may apply to be a bookseller, music seller, café server, lead, digital sales lead, head cashier or receiver. Qualified candidates for store positions must be skilled at interacting with customers, providing information about books, using a cash register, and keeping merchandise organized and stocked. Take advantage of the “skills” section of the online application to note any special abilities that are applicable to the position. If you apply for a position as a digital sales lead, you might list your familiarity with tablets and eReaders, for example.

Corporate Positions

Corporate applicants can apply for positions in a variety of departments, including finance, marketing, merchandising, product management and purchasing. Take a look at the job description for the position and note any keywords used in the listing. Candidates who submit resumes that include these keywords may be more likely to receive an invitation for an interview. If your resume doesn’t contain the keywords, rework it to incorporate them to increase your chances of getting a call.


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