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How to Write a Skill Set Resume

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If you are a career changer, job hopper or have little experience working in a particular field, your best option might be to write a skill set or functional resume. A skill-set resume focuses on your skills instead of highlighting employment or education. When you prepare your skill-set resume, focus on the skills most relevant to the position.

Skills and Accomplishments

Before you write your resume, think about the top three or four skills you have used in all of your current and previous positions. You can also add skills describing your personal traits such as having patience or being a good critical thinker. Then, write down one or two accomplishments that highlight the skills relating to your employment history. For example,if you're describing your customer service skills you might use a phrase such as "Increased sales by 50 percent by having monthly meetings with top customers."

Employment History

Although employment history is not the focus on a skill-set resume, employers still want to know where you have worked. This section names your job title, company name, location and dates. Only list the positions relevant to the skills featured earlier in your resume. If you have volunteer positions that relate to your skills, add this information to your resume.


At the end of your resume, provide details about your education including degrees, certificates and dates of your educational achievements. Begin this section by featuring your highest degree. If you received any licenses or awards relating to your current or previous positions, include this information as well. If you are a recent grad, include your high school information. Experienced professionals focus on college or technical degrees.

Professional and Community Involvement

Include any professional or community involvement relating to your career in the last section of the resume. For example, if you are in real estate, add your members in the National Association of Realtors. Focus on professional and community involvement positions that complement your skills and career goals. List dates and any prominent positions you have held in professional and community organizations.