How to Write a Resume Profile for a Mortgage Underwriter

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A resume profile is your opportunity to list your experience, skills and accomplishments at the start of your resume and pique a prospective employer’s interest in you. Doing so gives a prospective employer some information about your qualifications and why you warrant consideration. Your resume profile should be between two and four sentences, and you should position it at the top of your resume, beneath your contact information.

Tout Your Experience

When applying for a position as a mortgage underwriter, your resume profile should include information about your credit, lending, underwriting and management experience. You may also want to include experience you have with federal and private underwriting guidelines, such as with Fannie May or Freddie Mac guidelines or those set by the Federal Housing Administration. Keep in mind that you will supplement this information later in your resume when you describe your work experience in more detail.

Highlight Your Skills

Include in your resume profile the key information a prospective employer should remember after reviewing your resume. Using short, declarative sentences, include information about relevant skills you have. Given a mortgage underwriter’s typical work environment, you may want to indicate that you can identify and resolve problems, work well on your own and with others, multitask and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Tailor the skills you mention to those the prospective employer mentioned when advertising the position. You will describe these and other skills in more detail in a subsequent section on your resume.

Mention Your Accomplishments

Highlight one or two ways that you measurably contributed to your current or former employer. For a mortgage underwriter, this could include how much revenue you generated, special projects you were assigned, committees you directed or any commendations you received, such as for turning around new loans and resubmitals within a short period of time. When identifying accomplishments to include, consider when an employer recognized you for work you performed or any awards you received.

A Personal Touch

End your resume profile with something about you that demonstrates how you, more than other candidates, are positioned to help meet the prospective employer’s business needs and goals. For example, you might mention the different automated underwriting systems you’re familiar with or your experience underwriting loans for borrowers who have complex financial situations.