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What Are the Duties of a Dry Cleaning Customer Service Representative?

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A customer service representative (CSR) employed by a dry cleaner has several duties, most of which are directly related to dealing with the public. The CSR is the first employee a consumer will see upon entering a dry cleaning establishment.

Customer Relations

A dry cleaning CSR will interact with the consumer when he brings his items into the store to be cleaned. The CSR is expected to act according to the guidelines set out by the business and to make the consumer feel comfortable, as well as important. When called upon, he also must take customer complaints and attempt to rectify the problem.


When a customer brings an article of clothing or other good to be cleaned, the CSR receives this article. He marks it in order to identify it as belonging to the customer. And he fills out an order form telling the cleaner what to do to the article. For example, if it's a shirt, he might mark dry clean only or press with starch or no starch. Sometimes, the CSR will have to mark the stained or soiled area of an article, so the cleaner can determine how best to treat it.


A CSR is responsible for answering the telephone and communicating with other businesses as well as customers. This duty will require him to know a lot about what the dry cleaner can or can not do. Knowing every aspect of the business and how to deal with its key suppliers is a critical part of the job.


A CSR will usually handle any financial transactions. When a customer comes in to retrive an article, the CSR will show her the bill and receive payment for services rendered. This could be in cash or through a credit card, so CSR's will need to learn how to process such transactions.


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