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How to Spot a Mystery Shopper

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How to Spot a Mystery Shopper. When a company hires a mystery shopper to come into the location and check up on employees, it is important for the employee to know how to spot a mystery shopper. While all employees should do a good job every time to avoid any negative comments, there are a few tell-tale signs that a customer is actually a mystery shopper.

Notice if the customer fits into the surroundings. When the customer is not someone that is commonly found in the type of store you are working in, this could be a tip that they are a mystery shopper.

Pay attention to the customer's actions. A piece of paper they are taking notes on is a good sign that the shopper is a mystery shopper, especially when this is not commonplace. Whereas having a list in a grocery store is common, it is not as common to have a list in a clothing store.

Spot a mystery shopper when they are unable to answer questions, or answer questions incorrectly when you ask them about the surrounding merchandise.

Monitor for split transactions. If customers pay for their items in two different orders, perhaps using a gift card for one, this could be a sign of a mystery shopper since many companies provide their shoppers with gift certificates to use.

Watch the customer as they leave the store. Bathroom checks are almost always required of mystery shoppers where there is a readily accessible public restroom. Additionally, a shopper is likely to enter their car and take notes in the parking lot on what they have seen.