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How to Get More Life Insurance Clients

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Selling life insurance can be a difficult job when you have clients. When you don't have clients it directly impacts your salary. Many people who begin selling life insurance are not successful because even though they can sell insurance, they don't know how to go about finding people who need it. Most people need life insurance and there are many ways to find the people who need it.

Make a list of everyone you know. Call them and tell them you are selling life insurance and ask if they are in the market for additional insurance or if they need insurance. Next ask them if they know anyone who needs life insurance.

Join community organizations. The best way to network is to be a member of a community organization or club. When you attend meetings, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and what you do without looking like a salesperson. Many people know someone who needs insurance. Hand out your business card to everyone you meet.

Take up golf. Some of the best potential life insurance purchasers are on the golf course, and some of the best meetings happen there. If you don't know how to golf, learn the game, because golfing and insurance go together. Alternatively, join another sport that puts you in contact with other people. If you have children, go to their games and practices. Many people meet other professionals at kids' activities.

Hire a telemarketer. Advertise online for free on websites like Craigslist and usfreeads (see Resources); there are many job or networking sites to choose from like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. People working from home are always looking for a way to make extra cash. Pay a telemarketer an hourly wage and have him call either businesses or homes. Write a script of what you want the telemarketer to say. Include any initial questions and offer a bonus on any leads that turn to sales.

Place an ad in the newspaper and on free online advertising sites advertising the type of life insurance you are targeting to sell. You can advertise for free under services again like Craigslist and usfreeads. Create a website. You can buy websites now for under $20 at Include the insurance company you represent, your specialties and your credentials.

Join the Chamber of Commerce and other local business organizations. Every day you should come in direct contact with a potential client just performing normal activities, such as going to the doctor or hiring a repair person. When you meet people ask yourself if they might need your services. Approach them in a way that makes you unique and likable. Don't come across as needy or pushy; do come across as friendly, caring and helpful.

Keep your clients by providing them the service that you promised. Remain friendly and helpful. Stay involved in the community and church, if you attend. Show your appreciation and your client base will grow and your current clients will renew.


Prisca Rollins majored in accounting in college and minored in business. She was a Vet and Surgical Tech in the Army and a contractor with the US Army as an Admin and Marketing Coordinator overseas. Rollins is TESOL certified and has taken the PHR and Life, Health and Annuity Insurance Course.

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