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How to Become an Arbonne Rep

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Arbonne International is a multi-level marketing company that began in 1980. It features a range of products including skin care, body care, color cosmetics, baby care and dietary supplements. Arbonne products are touted for their purity and reliance on natural ingredients. All Arbonne sales people are Independent Consultants. They purchase the products at a 35 percent discount and sell them at full retail. Arbonne products are only available through a consultant and are not sold at stores. While a small percentage of consultants can become highly successful, most do not and it takes a great deal of work to make a lot of money with Arbonne.

Find an Independent Consultant in your area, if you do not already have one. You cannot become a Consultant with Arbonne without a sponsor.

Get your sponsor’s code and register online, or have your sponsor register you.

Pay your registration fee. The fee can vary--ask your sponsor. This fee pays for your Arbonne StartNOW Independent Consultant Start Up Kit, which includes the forms, catalogue, manual, workbook and welcome CD that you need to get started. You also become eligible for your 35 percent discount.

Buy your starter products and samples. While you do not have to purchase one of everything, you will need to have some product on hand to introduce Arbonne to people and to have on hand for immediate sale. The amount of product you purchase is up to you, though the company and your sponsor will encourage you to purchase as much as possible.

Set up your website. Arbonne offers one for each of its Independent Consultants for a monthly fee.

Develop your network. Sit down and think of everyone you know, whether you think they may be a possible Arbonne customer.

Separate them into A, B and C possibilities. A’s are the people who you think would be genuine prospects as customers and consultants, B’s are potential customers and C’s are people you know who may buy because it is offered by you but are not natural consumers for Arbonne’s products.

Contact your network, starting with the A’s first. Work down the list, but put your A’s first. You may wish to send an email or card to everyone on your list letting them know you are with Arbonne, then start calling everyone on your list to set up an appointment to introduce them to Arbonne.

Present the Arbonne Independent Consultant opportunity to as many people as possible if making a serious income is what you want. As a team leader, you are entitled to a percentage of all the sales made by the Consultants under you.

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