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How to Build Your Mary Kay Business Online

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If you've become a consultant for beauty giant Mary Kay, you're competing with literally thousands of other consultants who want the commission from Mary Kay makeup sales. While Mary Kay is traditionally thought of as a door-to-door, party or home sale brand, the cosmetic company is building up the brand's online presence. This allows you to follow suit by creating a Mary Kay consultant website, advertising online, doing product reviews and creating Facebook pages to increase your exposure as a consultant.

Contact your Mary Kay supervisor to talk about online strategy. Mark Kay retains the rights to product names and descriptions, so you may need to avoid certain wording when promoting your business. It's important to remember that you're promoting yourself as a consultant, not the actual Mary Kay products.

Register for your Mary Kay Personal Website. As a consultant, you automatically gain access to the Mary Kay InTouch portal from the Mary Kay website. This allows you to access your own Web page, where you can input your name and contact information for prospective clients. While you are not allowed to sell anything from your Mary Kay website, your website will contain the Mary Kay online catalog for clients to page through. When they've chosen items, they can then contact you through the website to order the items.

Upload informational videos featuring Mary Kay products to your own You Tube channel. Mary Kay is strict about marketing the products directly, but using tutorials or reviews is generally allowed. Still, check with your supervisor beforehand. Then, add your contact information to your account to generate interest and sales all over the world.

Start a Facebook fan page for your consultancy. This lets friends and family members know that you are open for business. You can use the fan page to tell members about upcoming promotions, new products and what your show schedule is like. This makes it easy for friends to schedule appointments so you can sell more products and grow your business.

Host giveaways and contests using a blog or Facebook fan page. Since you purchase products as a consultant, you have free reign over how you use those products. You could host a giveaway where people can garner entries based on joining your fan page or promoting the contest on Facebook or through blogs. This helps to increase your exposure and makes for the ideal opportunity to rotate your merchandise to make room for the latest products.


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