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How to Become a BeautiControl Consultant

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BeautiControl is an international company that features an array of specialized spa treatments and cosmetics for sale. Independent consultants set up shows and parties to sell these products. To begin working for the company, you must purchase a kit and build repeat clientele.

Explore the Products

To become a top beauty consultant for BeautiControl, you must be knowledgeable about its product lines. These include spa treatments, personalized skincare products and anti-aging products. Some prospective consultants begin by attending a party organized by another consultant and purchasing a few products. By trying the products on yourself and acquiring personal knowledge of their effects, you can better sell the products to others.

Purchase a Kit

To start your business and sell products, you must purchase a starter kit. You may choose a Premium Spa Case or a Starter Spa Case, which costs less and includes fewer products than the Premium. The kits include products, a how-to DVD and a training playbook, as well as catalogs, forms and a bag to carry your entire inventory. You may also attend a BeautiYOU training session, which provides you with information about the products, discounts and specials.

Build a Customer Base

With your starter kit in hand, find a sponsor consultant to start planning parties and selling products. If you don’t know a consultant, find one through the BeautiControl website. With your sponsor and kit, you can start planning and hosting parties. Since anyone can host a party, you can start building your clientele with your family and friends, and hosts get additional discounts and rewards, such as free products. During parties, ask attendees to sign up as future hosts to build your clientele and create revenue. You may also sell products on a one-on-one basis. Sponsors and others within your sales group can also help you to network with clients.

Market Yourself

Choose from several venues to market yourself as a BeautiControl consultant. Create an online presence through the BeautiControl website. This will allow your clients to purchase products from you on a personalized account. Send catalogs and direct mailers to previous clients to let them know about new products or specials. Conferences or job fairs are other venues to promote your products and build clientele. Sponsor new consultants, which will increase your earnings and earn you promotions to higher leadership levels.


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