How to Become a Kirby Distributor

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The Kirby Company manufactures and sells residential vacuum cleaners through home demonstrations performed by independent distributors. Kirby vacuums are sold worldwide through this business model. As a Kirby independent distributor, you’ll create your own hours and operate your own business. You receive commissions on each Kirby unit you sell, and when you recruit new independent distributors to work with you, you earn commission on their activities as well.

Read the Direct Seller Association code of ethics (see Resources). As a Kirby independent distributor, you must agree to adhere to this code of ethics. Make sure you understand the code and feel comfortable operating under the code rules.

Request information on the Kirby opportunity. Use the Kirby online request form (see Resources) to receive access to information and request contact from a distributor. You can also search for a local independent distributor in the yellow pages and contact him directly. You can only become a Kirby distributor when you sign up through another representative.

Meet with the distributor. The Kirby distributor will explain the opportunity, commission scale and Kirby products to you and answer any questions you have. Kirby provides free sales training to new distributors and does not require you to invest any money to get started.