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What Are the Duties of an Insurance Receptionist?

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An insurance receptionist, whether working for an independent insurance agent or for a large insurance brokerage firm, plays an important role in the office. She is typically the first impression a client has of the office. No two insurance offices are alike, therefore no two insurance receptionists' roles are the same. There are, however, some common attributes of an insurance receptionist position.

Communication Skills

You will be greeting clients daily, either in person or via answering the telephone. The ability to speak clearly and communicate effectively is essential. Communication skills also include being a good listener. You must understand what the client needs to know in order to direct him or transfer his call properly. You also must speak clearly so the client can understand you.

Administrative Skills

Supporting insurance agents and account managers may be a function of the insurance receptionist. In addition to answering the phones and taking detailed messages when agents or managers are not available, you will provide clerical assistance to the other staff members. Typing letters, reports and correspondence requires you to have personal computer skills. Using software programs may also be necessary for scheduling meetings and making appointments.

Time Management

The ability to multitask is an essential skill. A receptionist does not have the luxury of telling clients not to call or not to come in when he is trying to accomplish other tasks. You may be opening, sorting and distributing mail to the appropriate department or person and have to stop what you are doing and assist a client on the phone. You may also be responsible for organizing, straightening and cleaning up the waiting area, conference room and break room in addition to making sure all the mail is stamped and packages ready for the Postal Service to pick up. Time management is an essential skill, allowing you to accomplish all the miscellaneous duties you are responsible for in any given day.