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Qualifications for a Weight-Loss Consultant for Jenny Craig

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Jenny Craig is a program that helps members lose weight by selling them prepared meals with controlled calorie and fat counts. Weight-loss consultants play an important role in a member's success. When members visit Jenny Craig stores for weekly weigh-ins, consultants celebrate their victories with them and encourage them when they fall short of their goals. You also help members plan the next week's meals.

Job Requirements

While the exact qualifications may differ from store to store, Jenny Craig consultants generally must hold a high school diploma or equivalent and preferably have taken some college classes. Consultants don't need to have formal training in nutrition or health, but strong interpersonal skills and a background in sales are preferred. You should be comfortable talking on the phone and possess basic computer skills. Once hired, you'll receive ongoing training to give your clients the appropriate support and product information to help them on their journey.


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