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Many organizations offer classes to help people develop their skills. Many people take advantage of this by enrolling in a class and earning a certification. Certification classes are mostly available in the information technology field, but there are also free online certifications that are relevant to other areas.

IT training courses

Course certificates are available online for IT training courses at e-LearningCenter.com. They offer certifications in such areas as computer A+ courses, business management, Javascript, HTML and Windows. You take tutorials and classes, then complete an exam to complete your certification. The student needs to attain a score above 70 percent to be able to print a certificate of completion.

National Computer Science Academy

Another organization that offers free certification is the National Computer Science Academy. It gives certification exams for mastery in Windows, computer hardware, Microsoft Office, Visual C++ and Javascript. You take exams in specific areas. The academy grades your exam and grants you a score.

Online CPR certification

FirstAidWeb offers a free online CPR course that will award you a certificate. The website says the CPR course covers basic life support with minimal technical jargon. The courses and certifications offered are geared toward those who need CPR training and don't have enough time to enroll in a formal class.

Quality Management

QualityGurus.com offers free online training and certification courses on quality management, six sigma and internal auditing. After taking the tests, if your score is above 60 percent, you may be able to print out a certificate of achievement. These classes on business strategy help improve business processes, which may help you in your job.

Skills Training

Community centers and colleges may offer noncredit certification programs for skills training. An example of this is the Delaware Technical and Community College, which states on its website that the Department of Labor funds labor occupation skills training at no cost. In other city career centers, skills training may be offered for free or through grants.



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