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The Top 10 Best Direct Sales Jobs for Women

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Direct sales jobs provide many women the opportunity to earn income by building their own business. In a direct sales business model, most participants are independent contractors who get to determine how many hours they want to work. This provides much needed flexibility versus what a regular full-time job offers. Another reason that makes the direct sales business route attractive to so many is the ease of entry. Very little money is needed to get started and no specific education or knowledge is required. (See Reference 1)

How Direct Sales Works

Person to person marketing, rather than a fixed retail location, is the basic premise of direct sales. Independent sellers often use in-home presentations to sell their products and build their business, which is preferable to many women. At the root of direct sales are the companies that manufacture and distribute the various products and offer commissions and other bonuses for seller performance. In other words, the money made is proportional to the efforts of the direct seller. (See Reference 1) This ties back to job flexibility.

Top Direct Sales Criteria

Women considering direct selling jobs should look at companies offering products that appeal to them. Products also need to be profitable. Wellness and service products do well, according to Direct Selling Association industry statistics. (See Reference 2) The statistics also show that sales of home and personal care products are declining, but still relatively strong. Also important is a company's revenue potential. Direct Selling compiles a global list of 100 companies that are top revenue makers. (See Reference 3) Accordingly, the best direct sales jobs for women are with companies with top revenue and product appeal.

Best All Around

At the top of the list is being an independent sales consultant with Amway. The company has top revenue, plus a family of products that appeal to women and the general population. (See Reference 3)

Best in Home

Direct sales jobs with three companies top the chart in home products and consumables. This includes Tupperware, Blyth and Scentsy. Their combined annual sales total is quite healthy. (See Reference 3) The products appeal to women and getting started costs little to nothing.

Best in Wellness

Sales consultants with three top companies make the cut in the wellness category. Herbalife, Isagenix and USANA are established companies with popular products and a significant combined sales total. (See Reference 3)

Best in Personal Care

In this category, consultants or direct seller jobs for products from Mary Kay, Avon, and Nu Skin reign supreme. These companies offer an array of well-known and popular products, support programs and low fee start-up packages. The total sales for these three companies are quite substantial. (See Reference 3) Start up costs are low and products appeal to women and the general population as well.