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Central Transport Employee Benefits

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Central Transport Inc., a transportation company servicing most of the United States and Canada, offers employment to a variety of different types of workers. Employee benefits vary according to the particular job or kind of work that each employee performs.

Delivery Jobs

Central Transport employs drivers for pickups at local locations and deliveries across the country. Employee benefits of this job include regular salary increases, no night or weekend work, health and dental insurance, 401k retirement benefits, paid vacations and paid holidays. Drivers must be at least 21 years old, must hold a valid commercial driver's license with the ability to transport hazardous materials and must have at least six months of driving experience. Employees must also pass driver's background checks and drug tests.

Road/Dock Combination

Working entirely locally, dedicated road/dock combination drivers are guaranteed the chance to go home every day, which may be appealing to those with families. Other benefits include competitive wages, medical and dental, paid vacations and holidays and 401k retirement. Driver requirements are similar to those for pickup and delivery drivers.

Road Drivers

Road drivers at Central Transport also work locally with the ability to go home every day, though night hours are sometimes required. The company also ensures competitive wages for road drivers and plenty of hours -- up to 3,000 miles per week. Drivers do not have to deal with customer loads and travel directly from terminal to terminal. Additional benefits include many of the same ones offered to all drivers, including health, dental, 401k and paid vacation days. Road drivers must also be qualified for commercial driving work.

Corporate Headquarters Jobs

At Central Transport's corporate headquarters, there are a number of employment opportunities for those looking to get into the managerial end of the transport business. Jobs are available in accounting, human resources and beyond. Those working for corporate can expect health, dental, disability, life insurance, tuition assistance for employees looking for additional education, a yearly flexible spending plan, vacation and sick leave, a 401k retirement plan, and opportunities for internal promotion. Corporate employees must hold a college degree.


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