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The Job Description of a Paratransit Driver

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Paratransit drivers work for transportation companies that provide service to people with medical mobility issues. In addition to operating vehicles like buses and vans, paratransit drivers go above and beyond the duties of a regular bus driver to ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable in transit despite their physical conditions.

Paratransit Driver Duties

Your main duty as a paratransit driver focuses on the safe operation of vehicles that transport people who struggle with physical challenges. Drivers promptly pick up and drop off riders according to a schedule that fits the needs of passengers. You also help passengers board and exit the vehicle and ensure their safety, fastening wheelchairs and other medical or mobility equipment in a secure fashion. In addition, you are responsible for maintaining records and trip logs that outline your driving activities.

Paratransit Driver Requirements

You need a valid driver's license and a clean driving record to obtain employment as a paratransit driver. Some positions require drivers who are 21 years or older. Depending on the employer's hiring policies, you may have to pass drug tests, fitness tests or criminal background checks. Paratransit drivers need strong communication skills to communicate effectively with passengers and should exhibit empathy and compassion for the difficulties their riders endure. Paratransit drivers may have to work non-traditional hours to accommodate the schedules of passengers.


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