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Fedex Courier Job Description

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The leader and first of the overnight shippers, FedEx is knowns for its logo bearing a "hidden" right-pointing arrow in the space between the "E" and the "X." Serving much of the world, many of FedEx's drivers make a good career with this company. In addition to delivering packages, FedEx couriers must also maintain good customer relationships and grow the company's market share.

Description of Duties

A FedEx courier is responsible for picking up and delivering packages at homes and businesses on his delivery route. He must operate the route efficiently to ensure that the scheduled pick-ups and deliveries for the day are completed as intended, and must manage time well. The courier must maintain a good relationship with the customers on his route, and be able to answer questions about package shipping methods that he may encounter, building sales on the route.

Skills and Training

A high-school diploma is the minimum requirement to be a FedEx courier, but as this job pays an above-average salary, some college can help make you more desirable in a tighter job market. You must be in relatively good physical shape to able to carry some heavy packages and walk some distance while doing so. In-house training is provided for the specific skills required, such as for computer and shipping label use.

Driving Ability

The trucks that a FedEx courier drives are relatively light, and can usually be driven with a non-commercial driver's license. However, you must have a relatively clean driving record to secure and keep a job with FedEx. You must be able to back up a truck with an obstructed rear view using only your mirrors. You must also be able to operate a vehicle safely in all types of driving and weather conditions.

Wages and Benefits

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, express delivery carriers earned an average pay of $56,520 per year as of 2021. Full-time FedEx drivers have access to health benefits and company retirement plans. The company also employs part-time and seasonal employees as needed.

Challenges of the Position

Some people may not find this job mentally stimulating, as it can be very repetitive. While much of the required driving may be for short distances, you may spend long hours behind the wheel, leading to fatigue. Back injury can also occur from the required lifting, and you are more exposed to slip-and-fall injuries than in many other jobs.


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