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How Much Does a Ups Driver Make

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Good Pay and Benefits for Those Up to the Challenge

You see the square brown trucks everywhere, delivering packages to customers in big cities and small towns. Salaries vary by location, with drivers in large metropolitan areas earning the most.

verage, A UPS driver earns on average $65,540 annually, which is $32.77 per hour. Overtime pay averages about $45 per hour.

Full-time drivers often work longer than 8 hours a day, so reliable child care is a must.

Job Description

Delivering packages for the United Parcel Service (UPS) is fast-paced and physical. Drivers navigate to their assigned areas as quickly and safely as possible, in all kinds of weather. They carry packages from their vehicles to the delivery addresses, in some cases getting signatures from the recipients. Each driver carries a Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) that tracks packages as well as the driver. The company stresses efficiency and time management, essential since drivers typically make 150 to 200 stops a day.

Education Requirements

No formal education requirements are established to become a UPS driver. Some drivers start out with the company as part-time package handlers, while others start right away as drivers. To get hired, you must be able to drive a manual transmission vehicle and lift up to 70 pounds. You must also pass drug and background checks. Once hired, you must successfully complete the UPS training program.

About the Industry

Time is money. UPS drivers are trained to be friendly, but they do not have time for idle chitchat as they make their rounds. Drivers are rewarded for good safety records, and those with the most seniority can often choose their routes. Most drivers work Monday through Friday, often longer than 8 hours per day, and more during the peak holiday season.

Drivers are required to wear the brown uniform, which includes shorts in the summertime. Trucks have neither heat nor air conditioning. They don’t have radios either, although drivers are allowed to bring their own portable devices. Dog bites, UPS drivers agree, can be part of the job.

Years of Experience

Based on experience with the company, you’ll earn more the longer you drive full-time for UPS. Compared to delivery drivers working for other companies, UPS drivers earn much higher salaries.

Job Growth Trend

Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track UPS drivers specifically, it estimates that positions as delivery drivers for all companies will grow about 4 percent in the next decade, slower than average compared to all other jobs. Competition for jobs with UPS can be strong because of the good pay and benefits.


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