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How Do I Get Job As a DHL Driver?

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DHL is a global organization that offers express delivery services to more than 220 countries worldwide. DHL hires drivers and couriers on a part-time, full-time and as-needed basis. Becoming a DHL driver requires an application, training and a valid driver’s license for commercial vehicles.

Obtain a Commercial Driver's License

Although CDL licensure requirements vary by state, most states require specialized training, an application, passing a written exam and driving test. Many states also require that you have a learner’s permit approximately two weeks before taking the driving test. After obtaining a CDL license, you are eligible to apply to DHL as a driver.

Apply Online

Apply for driver careers on DHL’s website. DHL requires that you have a clean driving record, be at least 21 years old, pass a medical exam and drug screen, and have previous experience driving professionally. Physical requirements include the ability to pick up to 70 pounds, walking frequently, climbing stairs and to be in good physical shape.


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