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Free CDL Training Programs in Florida

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MTC Truck Driver Training is the only confirmed free commercial driver license (CDL) training program found in Florida as of August 2010. MTC applicants need to understand that while they won't have any out-of-pocket expenses, they will be obligated to work for the trucking company that sponsors their training through MTC. These hiring trucking companies pay food and lodging during training as well.


Apply online through MTC's website or call them at 1-888-503-5151. The application involves phone interviews, too. MTC only accepts applicants who, in their experienced opinion, would make good truck drivers. This is because MTC's clients, Florida trucking companies that are looking for new drivers, pay for the training and only want to train people they will actually hire.


In addition to instruction in what trucking students need to know to pass their tests and get their CDL, MTC explains on its website that it also gives extra tips on how to be a good truck driver. The Florida Trucking Association promises to be a source of legal and technical trucking updates, networking and additional training for drivers who join after they earn their commercial driver licenses.

Job Placement

"Trucking Truth" says to make sure your trucking school will work hard to get you a job, before you sign on. MTC says it has placed more than 18,000 truck drivers in jobs since 1993. The company assures applicants that it won't waste their time if it does not think it can place them in trucking jobs. MTC finds a potential employer for you before it ever accepts you into its training program.


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