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How to Become a Railway Police Officer

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Do you want to become an Railway Police Officer? Railway Police officers are also called special agents, certified police officers and deputized peace officers, depending on the state of jurisdiction. Railroad police enforce laws on or near the railroad right of ways. Railway police officers also can enforce other laws and make arrests off of the railroad property depending on the state.

Having a college degree is not necessary, but college training in police science or military police experience will help you to have a better opportunity to become a police officer. Requirements to be a police officer is to be a U.S. citizen and at least 20 years old and meet physical and personal qualifications. Become a police officer first and qualify to transfer to a railway police officer.

Look up railroad stations in your area and apply on the Internet. Try for a position in the Baltimore Field Division, Chicago, or Detroit, where the heaviest crime and traffic is, because you may have less competition to become a railway police officer there.

Take several tests on the Internet and wait to receive an email. Go on a phone interview and wait for reply. Interview in-person is the last step, when you go on the interview ask them questions too, show personality. Be prepared to wait in between each test. Be patient.

Carry arrest powers in all states where the railroad owns property if approved by the state. Hold commissions based upon state laws where all commercial railroad police officers are private. This includes Amtrak, which although funded by congress, is still considered private.

Protect the people on the train, trespassing on the railroad right of way, terrorism threats against the railroads, graffiti, arson, pickpocketing, ticket fraud, robbery and theft of personal belongings. Investigate derailments, train and vehicle collisions, and hazardous materials releases, are all part of a railway police officer's job.


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