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How to Become a Postal Police Officer

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The postal police officer protects the United States Postal Service. As a postal police inspector, you will investigate any potential crimes involving the United States Postal Service. Postal police agents will have the same requirements as a town or state police officer. They will carry a firearm, make arrests, use search warrants and testify in court if necessary.

Determine if you are eligible to become a postal police officer. Recruits must be between the ages of 21 and 36, have a 4-year college degree, no felony convictions and be in good physical shape.

Apply for a position with the postal police. You can apply online through the United States Postal Inspection Service website.

Obtain specialized knowledge to set your application apart from others. The postal police look for candidates who have special skills or experience in the following areas: foreign language, postal experience, military service, law enforcement background or computer expertise.

Take an entrance exam. If you are considered for an inspector position, you will be invited for an in-person exam and interview. If you do well on the exam, you will then have to submit to a background check, drug screening and polygraph examination.

Pass a physical examination to display that you don’t have any serious medical conditions that would affect job performance. You will need to pass both a hearing and eye exam during the application process as well. Recruits must fall in the health weight and height range determined by the United States Postal Inspection Service.

Go through recruitment training at the United States Postal Inspection Service’s facility in Potomac, Maryland. During the residential program, recruits will study firearms, defensive tactics, laws and postal regulations. Once the training process is complete, you will start working as a postal inspector.


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