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How to Become a Broward County Firefighter

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You've always dreamed of riding that big red fire engine, sirens blaring, to a blazing inferno. Broward County firefighters do that and more. To join these professionals, you must learn emergency medical procedures in addition to the fire fighting. The extensive training and testing required will ensure that you are well versed in fire rescue procedures before you jump on that fire engine.

Join the Broward County Fire Rescue Explorers. It is a group established to provide potential firefighters with a sampling of the training and education required to become a full Broward County firefighter. Fire Rescue Explorers experience actual emergencies as they shadow firefighters throughout the program (see Resources below).

Enroll in a state certified fire training program. The program is similar to the police academy in that students are educated and given the experience needed d to fulfill the duties of a firefighter. During this time, you will also receive the certifications needed to meet Florida state regulations (see Resources below).

Apply for position in a Broward County fire department. You can find application information at the local city hall. Submit your application along with your driver's license, certificates of completion from the fire training facility, and your high school diploma. After accepting your application, the fire department will conduct a criminal background check, medical exam, agility exam, polygraph test and interview.

Complete a probationary period. New hires all undergo a probationary period specified by the department. During this time, you will become familiar with your firehouse and the surrounding community. You will also undergo more training, if necessary. After the probationary period, you will be a firefighter.


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